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December, 2014

The Civic Scene

Keep our mail and jobs in Queens

Last year the USPS wanted to close the bulk mail processing center in Whitestone to save money. They planned to take all the mail to a processing center in Brooklyn, then bring it back to Queens, but everyone complained, so they shelved the plan. In typical autocratic manner the plan is back. Comments (1).

November, 2014

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Department of Parks budget consult with Community Board 8

Half a dozen members of the Parks Committee of Community Board 8 recently attended a consultation meeting with the officials of the Queens Department of Parks and Recreation in the Overlook in Forest Park. Comment.
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Weathering through nation’s problems

On the Sunday prior to the United Nations Climate Control summit in Manhattan, about 300,000 people marched for two miles in Manhattan asking for the protection of our planet from a climate catastrophe. Comments (1).

October, 2014

The Civic Scene

City is shortchanging special needs children

As I read articles in the papers and also see what is happening to my 6-year-old grandson Jacob, I see that authorities are saving money at the expense of special needs children. My Jacob was a normal 1-1/2-year-old boy when autism closed him down. My wife and daughter are teachers so they noticed the problem and had him tested. Comments (1).

September, 2014

The Civic Scene

Help out public schools before criticizing their performances

As a new school year starts in New York City, the city Department of Education has several problems, some of which are endemic, but one should not dwell on negative things when we have so many positive things going on in our schools. But the media loves negative things so that is what we see. Comment.

August, 2014

The Civic Scene

Do not send money to people who call you up asking for it

The latest scam is an attempt by crooks who call you and attempt to get you to buy a Green Dot MoneyPak card and then have you call them back with the number on the back so they can access the money. Comment.
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Community roundtables will tackle airplane noise issues

After years of pressuring for the formation of community roundtables to discuss airplane noise over residential neighborhoods, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has authorized the formation of such groups. Meetings were recently held in a large hanger at the Vaughn College of Aeronautics adjacent to LaGuardia Airport. Comments (3).

July, 2014

The Civic Scene

City should not grant variance for religious school in CB 8

A community facility desiring to legalize building violations and add another floor was just turned down by Community Board 8. The community facility is the Sephardic Congregation, on 72nd Avenue between Main and 141st streets, at 141-41 72nd Ave. Comments (1).
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Boro high school students impress with their accomplishments

Valedictorians achieve the highest grades in a graduating class, and they are often active students. Comment.

June, 2014

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Charters must accept problem students like public schools

Regretfully, many schools are considered failures due to conditions beyond the control of teachers and administrators. Comment.

May, 2014

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Queens Civic Congress honors four leaders at luncheon

The Queens Civic Congress, an umbrella organization of more than 100 civic associations in Queens, had its ninth biennial luncheon at Antun’s Caterers in Queens Village. Civic, co-op and tenant association leaders are the unpaid volunteers who work to maintain the quality of life in Queens communities. Comment.

April, 2014

The Civic Scene

Queen Civic Congress wages battle against illegal apts.

The Queens Civic Congress is an umbrella organization of approximately 100 civic and co-op associations in Queens. The goal of the QCC is to maintain the quality of life for Queens residents. While it supports the general idea of providing more affordable housing, it opposes the proposals which would legalize the currently illegal basement/cellar apartments which some people build. Comment.
The Civic Scene

Queens Civic Congress opposes development on parkland

The Queens Civic Congress is an umbrella organization of approximately 100 civic associations, co-ops and other groups. The aim of QCC is to protect the quality of life for Queens residents. When necessary, it works with other groups in other counties in New York City and state. Richard Hellenbrecht is the its president. Comment.

March, 2014

The Civic Scene

City should be tougher when punishing urban developers

A few weeks ago, Administrative Law Judge Michelle Manzione, after a city Environmental Control Board hearing, found the tenant of Klein Farm guilty of having several trees cut down and the 100-year-old circular driveway paved over. Comments (4).
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DOE reverses course on District 26’s valued G&T program

People buy a house or a co-op or rent in a neighborhood for several reasons, one of which is the quality of the education system. District 26 has a fine gifted and talented program, which attracts many middle-class families and makes it the top district in the city. To enter the program, young children at age 4 have to pass a test and be evaluated. Comments (6).

February, 2014

The Civic Scene

CB 8 will decide on how to properly hold farmers markets

A few weeks ago, the Community Board 8 Parks Committee held a meeting to evaluate a proposal to have a farmers market in Cunningham Park. The proposal grew from a meeting of the Holliswood Civic Association, where a Jon Klar, recycling outreach coordinator associated with GrowNYC, spoke about farmers markets. The civic, on the south border of Cunningham Park, brought the idea to the committee. Comment.

January, 2014

The Civic Scene

Developers ruin neighborhoods’ inherent nature

Four years ago, a developer bought a lot on Union Turnpike near the old St. Joseph’s Hospital with a zoning of R3-2, which permits houses or low-rise attached houses. Wanting to make more money by building higher, the builder proposed a zoning change so a four-floor building as tall as 40 feet with apartments above and stores below could be built. Civic association leaders, always wary of zoning changes, higher buildings and increased traffic and congestion, opposed this proposal. Comment.
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Boro salon treats youth to makeovers at holiday season

Larry Mattola, owner of LP & Co. Hair Design in Fresh Meadows, has been opening his salon on a Sunday prior to the holiday season to provide beauty treatments to developmentally disabled children and young adults for 30 years. Now, additional establishments such as Concept E Salon, LULU’S Bakery, Salon Visentin and Chazzam Entertainment are involved in doing something nice for others during the holidays. Comment.
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