I Sit and Look Out

December, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

It’s a small world after all

Some thoughts for a New Year. Comments (2).

November, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

Kowald: Getting and spending

William Wordsworth, a great English poet, wrote some 175 years ago that getting and spending, we lay waste our powers. Comments (2).

October, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

Americans not literate enough to deal with the world

It is no secret that I share, with many Americans, concern about our educational system and the fact that so many people in this country are not “properly” literate. Comments (4).
I Sit and Look Out

Robber barons can make fine philanthropists

I won’t get involved in the current problems of the Queens Public Library, but the investigations involving it gave rise to a great many thoughts, which may seem to be disconnected at first. Comments (2).

September, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

Cuomo should get a cool reception over his recent actions

I hope the ghost of Lady Caroline Lamb, one of Lord Byron’s lovers, will forgive me if I rephrase her comments about that great poet to characterize Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Comments (7).

August, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

People can learn a thing or two from Ben Franklin

Sometime during the wonderful education I received in New York City schools, I became aware of Benjamin Franklin. In those days, you learned a great deal about the poor kid from Boston who made it big in Philadelphia and was one of the Founding Fathers. Comments (3).
I Sit and Look Out

Two athletes carrying themselves professionally is refreshing

As readers know, my father was a devoted fan of the New York (baseball) Giants, and I became one early in life. Comments (3).

July, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

Do not just pray for the poor but actually help them out

This is about Pope Francis and a lovely human being named Claudia. Comments (3).

June, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

Become a patron of cultural institutions found in Queens

On March 13, 1986, then-Borough President Donald Manes committed suicide at home by plunging a kitchen knife into his heart. Comments (3).
I Sit and Look Out

Society must protect the sanctity of spoken language

I do not remember having speech classes until I got to City College. Then I had to take four sessions, one credit each, over the years I was there. Sometimes that meant getting up to the campus at night for just that one hour each week. Comments (3).

May, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

Parental involvement is key to children’s education

It seems we have been talking about improving education in this country for most of my adult life, yet we continue to lag behind too many countries in too many fields. It does not seem to be getting better. Comments (11).

April, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

City school pupils need more education in the arts

In a column in October, I wrote about the loss of the arts in our schools. Comments (2).
I Sit and Look Out

Queens should lead the city on being green-friendly

There is a tendency among too many public officials these days to ignore or denigrate the good work their predecessors may have done. I fear our new mayor is an example of that. That does not make for effective governing. Comments (2).

March, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

De Blasio must do more to promote a greener agenda

As my readers know, I have been active in environmental and educational matters for many years. I have served on boards of nonprofits in those areas, including some in Queens. I have waved the flag for them and hope to continue to do so for a long time. Comments (3).

February, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

Religious holidays should not be recognized by gov’t

Christmas Day has been a national holiday since President Ulysses S. Grant signed a bill to that effect June 6, 1870. The same law made July 4 and Thanksgiving national holidays. Comments (2).
I Sit and Look Out

Act professional even when customer is wrong

If the word had been in use when I was a child, the phrase “The customer is always right” would have been called a mantra. Comment.

January, 2014

I Sit and Look Out

Fraternity death of boro pupil was cruel and inhumane

The death from the alleged hazing of an Oakland Gardens student of Baruch College raises many questions. Comments (1).
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