September, 2014


U.S. needs good infrastructure

Regardless of the political divide that has ended congressional action on so many issues confronting the nation, failing to fund infrastructure development is punishing America. Comments (1).
Kew Gardens

Labor calls for minimum wage control

Elected officials and labor leaders honored the Queens working class on the steps of Borough Hall in a ceremony co-hosted by Borough President Melinda Katz and City Councilman I. Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans) last week. Comment.

August, 2014


House the Homeless

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer’s recent column about how he and his family fell into homelessness should remind us that we have been quick to demonize of Queens shelter residents. Comments (2).

Jamaica Center BID dismisses director

The Jamaica Center BID is looking for a new executive director after Felicia Tunnah was let go over differences with the BID’s board on how to promote downtown Jamaica. Comment.

Nation’s biggest beauty store opens in Atlas Park

The Shops at Atlas Park saw early risers as more than 100 beauty shoppers stood on line as early as 6 a.m. last Friday for the grand opening of ULTA, the largest beauty retailer in the United States. Comments (1).
St. Albans

St. Albans opposes new housing plan

The city Board of Standards and Appeals is in the final stages of reviewing the application presented by the St. Albans Presbyterian Church and a Westchester-based developer to erect an affordable housing building on Farmers Boulevard. Comment.
College Point

Avella unveils economic improvement plan

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) announced an economic plan this week aimed at bettering the lives of Queens residents through initiatives such as helping small businesses and improving transportation infrastructure. Comments (1).

July, 2014


More shops open at JFK’s Terminal 4

With more than 60,000 travelers passing through each day in the summer season, John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4 has just undergone a face-lift. Comment.

Affordable housing quest

Southeast Queens was hit hard during the housing crisis earthquake. Comments (2).

Hold a World’s Fair outside Flushing Mdws.

New York City is experiencing an unparalleled growth of tourism, and it is unlikely a World’s Fair operating a few months for a year or two will make in the long run a significant change for the better. Comment.

Jamaica wants Albany to clean toxic waste sites

Downtown Jamaica is one of the neighborhoods benefitting from a state program that redevelops underused vacant lots, home in the past to gas stations, auto repair shops, junk yards, factories and similar poorly managed waste operations. Comments (1).
St. Albans

Neighbors in St. Albans rally against building

There will be a second hearing at the city Board of Standards and Appeals on the St. Albans Presbyterian Church’s plans to build a five-story, affordable housing building on Farmers Boulevard. Comments (1).

June, 2014


Urban experts asked to make plan to transform downtown Jamaica

The dream of a splendid Jamaica will soon become a reality — at least, that is what city leaders, experts and business and community leaders are trying to accomplish. Comments (3).

Foreclosures rise in boro

It was just last year that Abdul was about to lose his one-family Ozone Park property to the bank. Comments (1).

Meeks wants to lure drug firms to Jamaica

U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica) is in talks with the pharmaceutical industry to attract new companies to the downtown Jamaica area, using the state’s 10-year tax-free program for new businesses known as the STAR-UP NY initiative. Comments (1).

May, 2014

Kew Gardens

Workers demand fair wages

Airport workers carried their fight for better wages and benefits directly to one of the contractors underpaying them. Comments (1).

Supermarket to pay workers over $370K in fines: Labor

The U.S. Department of Labor has ordered a Queens-based supermarket chain to pay more than $372,000 in wages and fines to employees, including 18 “vulnerable” grocery baggers, some of whose only pay was tips from grocery customers. Comment.

Gilly wants to lower rates for student loans in NYS

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) has signed on to legislation that would allow college graduates with outstanding student loan debt to refinance their interest rates, saving college graduates tens of billions of dollars collectively in the first year alone if the bill were to pass. Comment.

Queens Library updates 1999 CBA

Queens Library has updated its Collective Bargaining Agreement with Local 1321 Queens Library Guild for the first time since 1999. Comment.

Airport workers sign on to unionize

Several thousand airport workers voted to join a union to further their ongoing battle for fair wages and benefits. Comments (1).

More Queens Asians fall into poverty: City

While the poverty rate rose significantly throughout the city in the last recession, Queens’ Asian community was hit especially hard, a new city study has revealed. Comments (4).

Kaufman Astoria plans to build 10th sound stage

Kaufman Astoria Studios, one of the largest film production centers on the East Coast, is about to become even larger. Comment.
Political Action

A third World’s Fair in the city would spur economy

With the World’s Fair anniversary at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, it is time to look at the possibility of a third world’s fair in the not too distant future. Comments (10).

April, 2014

East Elmhurst

Airport workers walk again for wages

More than 100 low-wage airport workers marched 10 miles from Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports Friday to commemorate the 46th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. while renewing their call for major air carriers to increase hourly pay, improve benefits and recognize MLK’s birthday as a paid holiday. Comments (1).
Kew Gardens

Katz hosts job event for pre-vetted seekers

Kenyon Thompson has been unemployed for two years, but that might be about to change. Comment.

Congress must raise the minimum wage to $10.10

It has been more than four years since Congress last raised the federal minimum wage. Hardworking families are doing all they can to make ends meet during the worst economy of our lifetime — through no fault of their own — and feel like they are slipping further behind. Comment.

March, 2014


Queens Taste to celebrate boro’s small biz

As I watched the Sochi Olympics last month, it occurred to me that instead of trying to promote New York City as a site for the Summer Games, as we did 10 years ago, we should go after the Winter Games. We certainly had more snow than Sochi over the last few weeks, and we have the venues: ice hockey in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, cross-country skiing in Forest Park and luge along the Jackie Robinson Parkway. Comment.

Jobs in Queens run the gamut on salaries

How much do lawyers make annually in Queens? What about police officers, firefighters or even dentists? These are some of the questions people ask, before or during a job search or simply just out of curiosity. Comments (2).

Reader is correct over inequality

I agree with Tyler Cassell regarding Ed Konecnik. It has been said that we pay taxes to buy civilization. Along with making money, there should also be social responsibility. Comments (3).

February, 2014


Wealth redistribution even worse

If reader Ed Konecnik is not careful, he will dislocate his shoulder due to his non-stop personal backslapping. Somehow his description of what to him is freedom is more akin to “greedom.” It is particularly ugly in our advanced, socially civilized country to approach life with a Neanderthal, every man for himself mentality. Lady Liberty’s green face would turn red with embarrassment. Comments (2).
East Elmhurst

PA boss fires new warning at boro carriers

The Port Authority has raised the stakes in its battle with the airlines for fairer pay for airport workers. Comment.

New York City must set its own minimum wage

As New York City’s economy recovers from the recession, thousands of working families in Queens and the other boroughs face a grim reality: Although one of their members might have a full-time job, the weekly wages they earn are not nearly enough to make ends meet. Comment.

Do not fall for anti-union talk but respect role labor has played

All the articles about Mayor Bill de Blasio not caving to unions are disgraceful. Comments (1).

GOP wrong on how wages work

Republicans do not agree with raising the minimum wage. They believe in trickle-down economics. Comments (3).

Time is now for workers to make stand

For many years, the middle class has been forced into full, often humiliating retreat. Our standard of living and quality of life has taken a crippling hit. Comment.

January, 2014

East Elmhurst

Port Authority chief urges hike in JFK, LGA workers’ wages

A union leader who spearheaded the recent fight for better wages and working conditions for airport workers is pleased that the head of the Port Authority has come out with his own call for higher wages. Comment.

City’s hard hats call Queens home

The largest share of the five boroughs’ resident hard hats lived in Queens in 2012, and while the construction workforce grew from the previous year, it was still significantly lower than its pre-recession levels. Comment.

Fellow writer has it all wrong

Last week a letter writer used five paragraphs to defend his defense of inequality by saying he defends his defense of inequality (“Some people blind to truth about the poor,” Jan. 17-23). Comments (4).
East Elmhurst

Mayor calls for fairer wage

Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed support for airport workers in their struggle against poor working conditions and unfair wages following a rally and protest on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Comments (1).
South Ozone Park

Resorts World shutters buffet, closure puts 175 out of work

Less than three months after those pushing to authorize casino expansion in the state touted Resorts World as the epitome of the industry’s economic benefits, the South Ozone Park business closed its Aqueduct Buffet restaurant. Comments (6).
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